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P-1100-SCInk cartridge TRJ black 825 ml , PVC, low-smoke halogen-free cable, anti-mi ration, low reci itationCable specialist black ink
P-1120-SCInk cartridge TRJ black 825 ml , steam resistance, boiled resistance (food cans), excellent adhesion (metal) materialExtreme temperature resistant black ink
P-1130-SCInk cartridge TRJ black 825 ml , ordinary high adhesion inkHigh adhesion black ink
P-1140-SCInk cartridge MEK black 825 ml , industries with high adhesion requirementsExtreme adhestion black ink
P-1252-WTInk cartridge, pigmented, white ink, PVC, low-smoke, halogen free cable, anti-migrationWhite opaque ink
P-1306-SCInk cartridge, pigmented, black ink, halogen-free, alcohol-resistant and anti-migration suitable for electronic industryBlack opaque ink
P-1336-SCInk cartridge, carbon black, high temperature cooking oil resistance, anti-migration suitable for foodOil resistant black ink
P-16136-SCInk cartridge, UV Black, good adhesion, alcohol resistance, butanone resistance, friction resistanceFriction & alcohol resistant black ink
P-1455-WTInk cartridge, white pigmented ink, halogen- free and alcohol-resistant, for electronic industryWhite opaque ink
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